Founded by the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation, the mission of the CHBMP is threefold:
Never Forget Recognizing that the stories of many victims are being censored and suppressed, we seek to give a voice to those who have been victimized by harmful COVID protocols and mandates. We are archiving these stories to ensure that the stories of these people cannot be memory-holed and will not be allowed to be forgotten. We are raising awareness of these crimes against humanity with each case we archive, and encouraging any interested parties to cross-post, mirror, copy and repost, or otherwise share this content in whatever ways they are able, in order to spread the word about what happened to these victims and, in many places, what is still being done to COVID victims and their families today.

Provide Relief Recognizing that these victims and their families have been subjected to unspeakable trauma, we seek to provide a platform on which victims can build supportive relationships with others who have been victimized by disastrous COVID policies. With support groups every Monday and Thursday, we encourage victims to tell their stories, share resources, and help one another with the grieving process. We have had doctors come forward during these sessions and validate the stories of the victims, helping people understand that what they experienced was not an isolated event, and they are not alone.

Seek Accountability Recognizing that the guidance that laid the foundation for the policies that have impacted the victims is primarily responsible for the abuses they have endured, we seek to hold those who concocted, implemented, and defended those policies to account. From the politicization and subsequent deprivation of early treatment to the forced isolation of COVID victims from their families to threatening their lives and livelihoods with COVID mandates that sought to enroll every man, woman, and child on this planet in a draconian Digital ID scheme by way of forced participation in a dubious medical experiment, the totalitarian methods utilized by public health agencies and officials, hospital administrators and medical boards, and the propagandists and paid speech pundits who suppressed stories about vax injury while soliciting stories about the dead un-vaccinated, for example.